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Anonymous asked
You said: 'You are probably the same type of person that will go around calling yourself and your friends white trash, the N word, or anything else racially derogatory and think it is perfectly okay because you are that specific race. It’s still wrong and with your line of logic makes YOU a racist.' That's pretty much a terrible insult. However, I acknowledge the part I had to play in the escalation of this and I apologise to you for it all. Peace out gurl & rock on.

I take racism very seriously, perhaps more seriously than is needed. I do understand you were using it as an example and I apologize for insulting you, that was never my intention. I appreciate the apology as well. :)

Anonymous asked
Preaching about privacy and then posting paparazzi photos is not a contradiction in terms? Laughing at a racist joke makes you a racist even if you didn't tell it. Either get rid of the high and mighty 'respect their privacy' or get rid of the photos. You can't have it both ways.

The same argument keeps being argued and it’s still invalid. Posting pictures taken by fans, paparazzi or anyone else that is of Lara, Sergio or the two of them when they are out and about in plain view of the world is not disrespecting their privacy. There are pictures of Fernando Torres and Olalla that are clearly taken over a fence while they are in a swimming pool and she’s pregnant, most likely with Nora. If I was posting something like that of Lara and Sergio, then I’d be perpetuating the invasion of their privacy. Until I start doing this, stop attempting to make me look like a hypocrite. Your argument is invalid and you are wrong.

As for your weak attempt at comparing photographs to racisim, you might want to get out of your bubble and take a look at the world around you. Do you consider it racist if a white person calls themselves white trash? Or only if a black/Asian/Hispanic/etc person does? Do you consider it racist for a black person to call themselves the N word (or their friends for that matter) or only if a white person does it? Let me explain something to you, it might be socially acceptable for a white person to call themselves white trash, but in your argument it’s still racist. Should I not laugh at Jeff Foxworthy making redneck jokes if I’m not a redneck? Am I being racist for laughing at the jokes? Or what about if I laugh at Chris Rock if he makes a black joke that if a white person did, we’d be racist? Stop trying to look smart, you are failing.

Seeing as this is not a blog about anything more than appreciation for a woman who has followed her dreams, I think you need take a step back and think before you type.

Anonymous asked
You said, and I quote "Sergio and Lara's privacy must be respected" and here you are posting paparazzi shots and clearly not respecting their privacy. You insult people whose first language might not be English and then you demand some respect? That's two times a hypocrite. There are also a lot of other Lara Alvarez tumblr blogs, but I suppose when you are so far up your own arrogant ass you don't bother to look at anyone else. Wind your neck down.

Sweetie, posting any pictures that are online, paparazzi or not is not invading their privacy. If I was posting pictures of them making out in their backyard, I still wouldn’t be the one invading their privacy as I didn’t take the pictures nor post them online. So there is failure in argument number 1. I am not posting rumors, dirty little secrets or anything else. I’m not even discussing their actual relationship. Try again.

You need to learn to read, I’ve already stated that there are many people on tumblr who aren’t fluent in English and type much better than you did the first time around. Like I said, google translate does a better job than you were. My aim was at you, no one else. Well apparently offending you gave me my end result. You typed much better this time around. Perhaps it’s not a language barrier but the fact that you took a little effort in your typing. Actually, neither of those times make me a hypocrite. Should I explain what would? Here, let me help you understand how to use the word.

If I were to say how much I hate Barcelona then do nothing but post Barcelona wag pictures, reblog Barcelona posts, etc I would be a hypocrite. Still not sure you get it? If I was preaching about privacy then stalking Sergio and Lara in Madrid taking super personal pictures of them, talking to their friends and gaining private knowledge, then posting it all over the internet, I’d be a hypocrite. Still not one. Hope this helps you!

As for other tumblrs, feel free to send me links to other Lara blogs. I’d love to follow them and see what they’ve already posted so I don’t need to. I follow many other wag blogs. Apparently I am not ‘so far up my own arrogant ass.’

Anonymous asked
so hey hypocrite, you not answering my mail about why you say Lara and sergio's privacy must be respected and here you are as respectful as any gossip rag??

Since this is the first message I’ve received with a question about their privacy I am going to answer you. But first, perhaps you should attempt to write your questions in intelligible English. Many people on tumblr do not speak English as their primary language but they do not sound like an uneducated seven year old. Google translate does a better job than what you did, just a suggestion. And your passive aggressive need to call others a hypocrite would be wonderful, if you were actually correct, but as you are not, please try again. I am curious, however, how is my blog a gossip rag? I’ve said nothing about her other than facts you can check online and posted pictures that are already on the internet. Perhaps you should go back to class and learn what a few of your words mean.

Anonymous asked
and Sara doesn't have a career? Lara has an official website with 1000s of photos, most of which get stolen by tumblr chicks. I dont follow your tumblr, I follow Lara Alvarez tags, but you're just a 2nd rate copy of everyone else.

If you go back and read I never even implied that Sara didn’t have her own career. I simply stated Lara is not only a girlfriend and has a career so why shouldn’t she have a blog dedicated to her? I am well aware of her having official and fansites. Good for her. Of course, because the fact I post what I have saved to my computer, or find on the internet makes me second rate and a copy. Bravo to you. Do you need a trophy or a cookie?

Anonymous asked
agree with the anon, there's photos from El Cubo all over the place over a week ago an you dont even have those on yours!

Seeing as I have probably 1000 or more pictures of her. I’d have to actually go look at my folder, what I post and when is really up to me. I am not here to please every single person who thinks something should be done their way. I’m attempting to post, eventually, every picture of the woman that I have. It will take awhile and I do have a life outside of tumblr, so it will take longer. If you would like to contribute new pictures feel free. You’ll get credit as the finder, if you come off anon. Otherwise, people should just be happy someone is posting pictures. I am sure there are more than 12 people on tumblr and many haven’t seen all the pictures. I constantly find one or two here and there I’ve never seen before and they get saved.

Anonymous asked
The point is that we already have had people trawl thru google, flickr, everywhere, we have people with great TV screenshots. We've seen all your photos 100 times. Or more.

Then don’t follow my tumblr. Seeing as I haven’t found a tumblr dedicated directly to her only the Madrid and football wags in general I thought it would be nice to have one for her. Sara has one, Nagore probably has one, why not Lara too? She’s more than Sergio’s girlfriend, she has an actual career.

Anonymous asked
it would be nice if you could post photos that haven't already been posted a thousand times by other blogs. Otherwise, why??

I would LOVE to post photos that the world hasn’t seen. But as she is not as famous as Irina, doesn’t have her twitter anymore like Caroline and I do not believe she has a facebook I am not sure where you would like me to look. If I had a Tuenti account I would see if she was on there and had pictures. If anyone wants to send me the invite code for Tuenti, I’d greatly appreciate it and attempt to find more pictures of her there that have not been seen.

I currently am attempting to post things I find through google, flickr, and other image sources (including all her twitter pictures that I saved before she deleted as I am sure not everyone on tumblr has seen them.) I am open to suggestions on how to do more. But unlike many blogs for wags on here (none in the football fandom thank god) I refuse to hack e-mails, private facebooks and the like. Again NONE of the football blogs seem to do this, but there are multiple other fandoms with fans who do for wag pictures and I refuse.

Anonymous asked
i was specifically talking about the recent tweets of champions league semi final.

i am well aware what you were talking about, that’s why my answer was geared toward those tweets. as i said in the last response ‘they might have been told to tweet about the ucl’ but they are not told what words to use.

Anonymous asked
i don't think they did it for fun. lol its the club that makes them do it, like the dorky videos they make our players do to promote champions league. lol

some of it is for fun, half of them don’t even have twitter, they might be told ‘talk to each other to promote ucl’ but they aren’t told what to say on their own twitters, if they were they’d never say stupid crap